Memorable Wedding for You


Why pay so much for a dress that you will only wear once? Rent 100% Authentic Vera Wang dress for only 30% of the retail price.

Simple 3 steps - has made bridal dress rental service easy!

Step 1: Pay the Rental

The rental price is typically 30% of the original retail price.

Step 2: Enjoy Your Dress

You will receive your dress 7-15 days before your wedding. It will be professionally cleaned and in perfect condition. Enjoy it for your wedding/prom day!

Step 3: Ship it back

Ship back the next day to avoid late fine. Return postage will be provided. No cleaning is required. 

Example:Julie just got engaged! Her wedding date is July 27th, 2013

        1. Julie looked at the MemorableWedding website and decided on size 0, Vera WangOrganza Gown with Draped Bodice and Tulle SkirtStyle VW351178, Retail price $928, which is available on her big day. Julie only paid $278 for her rental dress, which is only 30% of the dress cost.

        2. Julie received the dress in perfect condition 15 days before her wedding , July 12th 2013, which is plenty of time for  rehearsal and light alteration.

        3. Julie's wedding went perfectly well. She mailed the dress back the 2nd day without doing any cleaning on her own.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: How can I make the payment? Is my payment secured?

A: To protect your rights, we use Braintree pament system so that your credit card payment information is not directly exposed to any third parties. Your payment is 100% secured and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Q: Can I try the dress beforehand?

A: Not really. We recommend that you buy slightly bigger than your normal size to have some customization room. Most bride find it easy to get the right size with some online shopping experiences.

Q: I love your dress, can I keep it instead of renting it?

A: Yes, you can! Depends on the condition of the dresses, our pre-owned dresses are typically sold at 70% of the retail price. If you decide to keep the dress instead, the extra will be deducted from your deposit.

Q: Can you help me make alterations? Can I make alterations?

A: Yes we can help you with alterations. We have professional staff for alteration service that ranges from $20-60. The alteration principle is temporary but secured sewing (no cutting). You can also do your own alteration limited to the bottom and waist area, and no cutting is allowed.